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Nicola David

I first moved to Somersham with my family in the summer of 1985 just prior to my 7th birthday. As an adult I have moved away on a couple of occasions, however always returning to Somersham as it has been and always will be my home.
Growing up I enjoyed going to the local youth club, fishing round the lake (a.k.a. the bally hole) playing with friends at the playing field and even for a short time a bit of campanology with Bruce who used to run the Alliance & Leicester Building Society.
My hobbies include walking, board games and watching movies.
My full-time job is Practice Manager and part qualified Accountant in Willingham and I also work part time in the Rose and Crown, Somersham.
Living and working in this central establishment allows me to be involved with community events, local fundraising and support local people and their organisations such as sponsoring the Carnival or holding coffee mornings for the library.
Being part of the community, being able to support and help local people and businesses I believe is a privilege and is essential to the future growth and continual well being of our village.

I am married with two grown up children and have lived in Somersham for over 20 years, although my husband's family have been in the village for over 200 years running local businesses!
For 28 years I ran a recruitment agency in Huntingdon, supplying catering and office staff throughout the county, but having closed the office in 2017 now work from home. We have a livery yard/stables in the village and my interest is horses and rural life. I have been a committee member of the Fitzwilliam Pony Club for approximately 10 years and currently hold the post of Assistant District Commissioner.

Daryl Potter

I moved to Somersham in 1976 when I married and have lived in Church Street for over 40 years. During this time I have had four children grow up in the village and all have attended Somersham school. Only one daughter and three grandchildren are currently living in the village.
My career has been in Railway Signalling and I still so some assessments for the Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers on a contract basis.
I am Trustee of the Friends of Somersham Parish Church and currently Treasurer.
Also I am a life member of Somersham Town Football club although have no current involvement.
I have always been interested in local history and have helped in the grave yard listing project.

Tony Sansom

I have been a resident of Somersham since 2006 and I am an active member of the Community. In my primary employment as a Civil Servant, I am the senior programmer developing webpages for the Geospatial community.

In my free time I enjoy my garden and take great pride in its appearance where I receive numerous compliments. In addition, I am an active member of the Timebank and volunteer for AbilityNet, providing computer support to disabled people.

Before I relocated to Somersham I was the chairman of Hounslow Community Transport and the local Physical Handicapped and Able Bodied (PHAB)2 club where I also helped run club night activities and organize outings, I also drove the mini bus and made the tea.

My greatest concern for our community is dog fouling, making local amenities accessible to all by breaking down barriers and tackling loneliness. I am interested in rural growth not just affordable housing but infrastructure to support housing needs and growth and providing jobs to sustain local economy. My key strength is in helping those less fortunate to be best they can.

Dianna Skeggs

I have been in and around Somersham for basically + 60 years. My family have lived here since 1825. I feel that I could be beneficial in the development and running of the village for all people. I am following in the steps of my ancestors, many of whom have participated in the development of the town, having been on the Parish Council as well as the Church Parochial Council.

I have vast experience in business both national and international as well as a life time’s learning. I am a believer in the individuality and independence of each person. Having a love for the town I wish to see development in a sensitive manner with emphases on the environment – Nature and the Living quality for all. I have a great sensitivity over the waste of all resources, especially, in this instance money and all interference with the life of people.

Richard Sutton

I moved into the village, with my wife, during the May Bank Holiday in 1975. Despite being welcomed with a snow storm we are still in the same house.

I have worked for local undertakings including Cambridge Water, a bed manufacturer and a food producer in the Computer departments until I retired. For the past 15 years I have been on the Parish Council working, as we all do, for the benefit of the village.

It is rewarding work, even if unsung, because people only notice when things are not right. My hope is that I can continue to do my best for the village as long as possible.

Ray Woolway

I have lived at College Farm since 1957 when my parents bought the farm. I joined my father after leaving school and have farmed there ever since.

I have been married to my wife Fiona for over 50 years and we have two children, James who runs a farm machinery business and Sarah who is a lawyer with BBC Studios.

I was a parish councillor for several years (1984 – 2003) and instigated the building of the floodlit courts and whilst Chairman, the building of the squash court and Norwood Room, and the footpath along the St Ives Road from the Industrial Estate to Gypsy Lane. Also, whilst Chairman, the building of the Millennium Facility with the award of a large Lottery grant and was Chairman of the Trustees for several years.

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