History of Somersham

Ariel view of Somersham


Somersham is located in  the county of Cambridgeshire, on the eastern boundary of Huntingdonshire District at the edge of the Fens. Somersham is approximately 5 miles from St Ives and 10 miles from Huntingdon. With the introduction of the Local Government Act in 1894 the very first election was held to create ‘Somersham Parish Council’, a separate body to the longstanding parochial parish.

The first set of Minutes dated 13th December 1894 record 13 parishioners were elected to fill the vacancies, their names were: 

Joseph Pyke Pentelow, Edward Oldfield, William Hart, Joshua Goodenough, Jonas Dodd, Richard Brown, Peter Barlow (1st Chairman), David Rowe, William Bright, George Hinkins, Jabez Benton, Albert Butteris and William Henry Gotobed.

Mr Henry King was employed as the first Clerk to the Council.

Since 1894 the number of councillors has been increased from 13 members to 15.

Somersham Parish Council was very pleased to be awarded Quality Status in January 2006 and they were reaccredited in 2010, the next due date for reaccreditation will be in 2014. Quality status is much sought after by councils it necessitates a minimum standard of work to be maintained by the council and councillors.