Timebank photos

Outside coffee catch up's held during the pandemic



One of our younger members baked cakes for older members during the pandemic and bought a smile to many faces (as well as a tasty treat!)



Timebank members always love getting into a bit of gardening help!



The Timebank took over the old village BT phone box!


Lucy getting 'Inspired' at the Timebanking UK event at City Hall in London

The Team from Barclays making over the garden at Windsor Court Sheltered Housing

Thanks to the Friends of the Nature Reserve and David Cornwell for the gravel

A lovely place to relax and have a chat

A huge thank you to Luminus for giving us this great space and to Barclays for making it look so fantastic!

Some Timebank kids 'spending' their credits on a Story Telling Party


Despite the fog, there was a fantastic atmosphere down at the new orchard! Now open!


Everyone planting got a 'family tree' of their own.


Ideas board for the Windsor Court Community Garden


'We don't need any help!'

Elsa with her ''Family Tree'' 

Dr Edgar Cahn on his most recent trip to Cambridge, December 2012


Dr Edgar Cahn with some of the Cambridgeshire Time Banking Team, and Sam Hopley, CEO of Timebanking UK

Andrew didn't want someone to do the job for him - he wanted to learn how to do it himself and Tony showed him how.


Andrew slapping on the paste!


Jim fixing the fence at First Step Playgroup

Share your skills to gain credit. Jim has used his for a lift to the shops.

Let the wok get nice and hot!

Learning how to make Chinese Dumplings

Egg fried rice being served

A 'before' picture!

Rhiver having his first haircut, through the Time Bank

The 'after' picture!

Lively discussion at the coffee morning 11th August

Dr Cahn meets the Time Bank Co-ordinator, Emma Pattinson when it was first created.

Repotting the planters - Hard at work on a hot day!

Repotting the planters - Looks fab!

Repotting the planters - A Job well done!

Press coverage of our Time Bank Launch

Somersham  Time Bank Launch - Hard at work on a bright October morning

Somersham Time Bank Launch - Some of the helpers 

Somersham Time Bank Launch - A job well done!