Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking for those living with long term health  conditions and older people

For all enquiries about this class contact Paula Peck on 01487 841359 or at

Where and when?

Location: The Millennium Pavilion, The Trundle, Somersham, PE28 3JS

Thursdays at 11am – 12 noon. The class will break for holidays which are advertised.

How much does it cost?

£5 per session, or buy a 10 class pass for £45 and receive a session free! This pass can be used over all Changing Lives classes and you are not debited if you miss a session

What does it entail?

Nordic walking is proving to be beneficial to a wide range of neurological conditions e.g. Parkinson Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and Stroke to name a few. Nordic Walking (NW) is an enhancement of normal walking with the use of specialized poles.

A gentle mobilisation of the joints in the body to begin each session and then instruction on how to use the Nordic Walking Poles.

This will be followed by a walk at your own pace using the Nordic Walking Poles, enabling you to have conversations with fellow walkers.

The walk will also be interspersed with breaks to practise drills to help improve the Nordic Walking technique so that participants gain the full benefits of Nordic Walking. The session will be concluded with a brief time of stretching the muscles.

After the walk, there will opportunity to have a drink and a chat with other participants.

Your instructor

Instructor: Sam Godfrey

Fully qualified and Insured with up to date First Aid. Sam can be reached by email on or on 07971 629366.

Facebook page: Sam’s Nordic Walking and Fitness Classes to learn more about Nordic Walking.

What is expected of you?

You will need to let the instructor know of any health conditions that might affect you exercising. It is also advisable that you consult your GP before starting this exercise.

What to wear?

Comfortable clothing and either trainers or walking shoes/boots. No specific sportswear is required. Nordic Walking Poles will be provided.