Why Become a Volunteer?

  • To meet new people, volunteering builds your personal network. Your time helps others, no matter what you do reaching out helps.
  • For skill development. It looks good on your resume and this could enhance your job prospects or help you in your current work place.
  • It gives you the opportunity to participate in something you would not ordinarily have the chance to do or mix with people you would not normally meet and over all gain valuable experience.
  • Health wise volunteering can aid mild depression, social anxiety and other mood disorders.

Victory Hall Management Committee
(Victory Hall and Community Hall)
07849 186035 
Carnival Committee
07775 585713

Community Information Centre (Library)
01487 840266
Nature Reserve Group
01487 841359
Somersham & Pidley Time Bank
07599 628106
Christmas Lights Working Party
01487 841359