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Precept Council Tax for Somersham 2021-2022

Council Tax for Somersham 2021-2022


The preparation of an annual budget is one of the key statutory tasks undertaken by the parish council.

The annual budget;

· Results in the council setting the precept for the following financial year (the precept is the money request to the district council reflected in the council tax as the parish ‘share’)

The key stages in the budgeting process by the council as the corporate body are;

· A review of current years budget and spending;

· To determine the cost of spending plans;

· To assess levels of anticipated income;

· To provide for contingencies and the need for reserves;

· To approve the current and following years budget;

· Finally, to set the precept

This process is carried out at Somersham’s full council meetings which are open to members of the public to attend. Meeting dates for the year ahead and the agenda’s (which are published 3 clear days in advance of the meeting date) are on our website under the 'finance, precept and budget' tab.

The meeting agendas are also published on our noticeboards at The Norwood Building/parish council office (attached to the Victory Hall), outside Tesco, outside the primary school and St John the Baptist Church also 3 clear days in advance of the meeting date.

Whenever possible, the parish council will seek grants to help support their services and improve facilities for the parish.

To try to put the annual precept (council tax) for Somersham into some perspective in cash rather than percentage terms, the council tax Band Tax Base property share per year specifically for Somersham is listed below;

Somersham only        2020/2021          2021/2022

Band A                          £98.80                 £111.11

Band B                         £115.27                £129.62

Band C                         £131.73               £148.14

Band D                         £148.20               £166.66

Band E                         £181.13               £203.70

Band F                         £214.07               £240.73

Band G                        £247.00               £277.77

Band H                        £296.40                £333.32

For more information on Somersham Parish Council as a whole and the finances please look through this website.

Specifically, the detailed budget and precept breakdown can be accessed on Somersham Parish Council’s website using the links below;

Somersham Precept 2021-2022

Somersham Budget 2021-2022

Huntingdonshire District Council Council Tax charges per Parish 2020-2021

Huntingdonshire District Council PRECEPT per Parish 2021-2022

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