Time Bank FAQ

What is the Time Bank?


The Time Bank is a way for people to share skills with others in their local community. Members help each other and earn credits which they can then ‘spend’ on getting something done for themselves. Everyone’s time is valued equally and the great thing is that you can give as much or as little as suits you.

Who can join?

The Time Bank is open to all Somersham and Pidley residents. At the moment our youngest member is 5 and the eldest 96 years old and everything in between. However if you are interested in joining and are in a neighbouring village, that is absolutely no problem! Please contact me for more information!

Do I have to pay?

Absolutely NOT! All you give here is your time. No money is involved!

Is Time Banking safe?

Every effort is made by Somersham and Pidley Time Bank to ensure the safety of all members through careful vetting and interview procedures. In addition, all members are insured by Somersham and Pidley Time Bank. Participants will be given a DBS check where necessary on rare occasions.

What can the Time Bank offer me?

Somersham and Pidley Time Bank can offer its Members the following:

  • Insurance cover when participating in Time Bank exchanges or activities
  • The opportunity to meet other Members of the Time Bank and the community
  • The opportunity to become involved in Community Projects and events

    What if I don’t feel I have anything to give?

Everybody has something they can give whether that be phoning another member to have a chat, picking up a loaf of bread when at the shops, having a cup of tea and a chat at someone’s house or local venue, teaching someone how to darn or knit or passing on gardening advice or a loved recipe. The opportunities are only limited to the imagination. Also the Time Bank is not a traditional bank in that you do not have to be in credit to receive help! Regardless of whether you have helped another Time Banker or not, you can still receive help.

I don’t mind helping people but there is nothing I need in return. Is this a problem?

Not at all. You may not need any help at the moment but a year down the line you may. However as well as the traditional help offered in locally, we also have Time Bankers offering ‘treats’ such as hairdressing, aromatherapy massage and music sessions so why not indulge?!

Can I ask the Time Bank to do anything?

We do try to manage the expectations of our members, as we are not here to replace paid trade. For example, we would not paint someone’s stairwell or carry out a weekly clean. We are here to support local residents and not impact on local expertise.