Parish Councillor Vacancies



Somersham Parish Council three (3) vacancies.

The Parish Council are keen to receive applications from Somersham parishioners who have an interest in our local community as well as how we interact with our neighbouring parishes, the district council and county council. 


Key information for prospective Parish Councillors

Qualifications and disqualifications:  A councillor must be qualified for election or co-option and remain qualified through their term and must not be disqualified for election or co-option or from holding office

Term:  A councillor is elected for four (4) years, and if co-opted during a four-year term of the Council, serves until the next election for the whole council

The Electoral Commission  Qualifying criteria for a Parish Councillor


 If you are interested in applying for one of the vacancies please contact the Executive Officer of the council  Mrs I Healiss via email on



Staff vacancies

Somersham Parish Council currently has no staff vacancies.