Exercise from Home

During Lockdown our instructors all recorded free content to share with our class participants so everyone could carry on exercising at home. We are keeping this content available, so anyone can access and benefit from it at any time. Please find the classes listed below under each individual class type.


Please remember to safely warm up before any session and follow guidance from the instructor. If you need any advice on the sessions please contact the instructor directly or send a message to Changing.lives@somersham-pc.gov.uk. All sessions are carried out at your own risk.

Becky Adams Strength and Balance Class (short 5 minute sessions)

Changing lives You Tube channel with Becky’s short exercise classes

Becky’s exercises written version


Sam Godfrey -  Indoor Strength session using Nordic Poles

Sam's Strength session  

 Sam's indoor session 2


Mike Tabrett - Adapted T’ai Chi sessions 

Written Integrated Tai Chi Sequence

T’ai Chi session 1

T’ai Chi session 2

T’ai Chi session 3

T’ai Chi session 4

T’ai Chi session 5

T’ai Chi session 6

T’ai Chi session 7

T’ai Chi session 8

T’ai Chi session 9


Linda Garrick - Adapted Yoga

Yoga session 1

Yoga session 2

Yoga session 3

Yoga session  4

Yoga session 5

Yoga session 6

Yoga session 7

Yoga session 8

Yoga session 9

Yoga session 10

Yoga session 11

Yoga Session 12

Advanced mat Yoga session (only try this if you are experienced in Linda’s classes and can safely get up and down from a mat)

Yoga session 13

Yoga session 14


Other useful exercise from home information

Home Exercise Programme

Super Six Exercises