Advertising Posters & Banners

Published: 03 May 2017

Advertising Boards
ALL advertising must be requested through the Clerk by the organisation/ charity holding an event
General advertising can be approved by the Clerk, whilst any advertising deemed contentious must be approved by full council
Local charity/organisation fundraising advertising only, NO business advertising
No ‘A’ frames will be permitted without prior approval & will only be approved in exception circumstances (eg car parking direction signs for special events) – ‘A’ Frames cause issues such as trip hazards and will be removed by Somersham Parish Council or Cambridgeshire Highways except if formal approval received.
Advertising Boards - MUST receive approval in advance from the Parish Office and then must be attached securely to railings with cable ties
All advertising boards must be removed within 2 days of the event finishing

Banners to be erected at high level can only be erected by the Parish Council staff due to insurance risk

Requests for Advertising
Must be made in writing to the Parish Clerk
Approval / refusal will be made to the applicant in writing

Somersham Parish Council reserves the right to remove any unauthorised or inappropriate signs erected at the Public Shelter.

Contact: Penny Bryant, Parish Clerk
01487 841359
The Norwood Building, Parkhall Road, Somersham PE28 3HE